Hi, I’m Marla-Joy!

Yup, Marla-Joy!

Sometimes “M-J,” but never just “Marla,” and a pretty fantastic name even if I weren’t biased!

A few more things to know about me: food is my love language, I’m an openly Black International Development postgrad student, a social entrepreneur (OrangeMouth), a creative (emhyphenjay), and thanks to my upbringing in The Bahamas, a bit of a beach snob, which gives me an excuse to travel the world for totally scientific beach ranking purposes.

There’s a saying that “Black joy is an act of rebellion.” Interestingly enough, one of the meanings of “Marla” is “rebelliousness,” and “joy?” Well that one speaks for itself. The last thing to know about me before we jump in, is that I’m rebelliously joyful.

This is me giving a home to my voice.

Now then! Get cozy and click here to get started with the blog and here to check out my ever-growing portfolio.


– Me (it’s my filler word)